The Familiar - Piddy Paw

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Piddy Paw's awareness drifts amongst the clouds as they sit in a Zen-like state. The Air Witch, Mistral, has calmed Piddy Paw's turbulent soul and taught them to find inner serenity. Piddy Paw has mastered the atmosphere and is happy to send a favorable wind in the direction of anyone who needs their sails filled. Anyone, but the Foes! The Foes get no gentle breezes, or pleasant winds. The Foes get squalls and gales and cyclones! The Foes get the tempest!! Once the storm begins brewing in Piddy Paw, only the soothing sounds of Zephyr, their toad, can bring their focus back to their meditation and inner peace. Slow breathes in, gentle breezes out.

Piddy Paw is a soft vinyl toy in our Milky Translucent Glitter Air Colorway. They measure 5" tall and have an articulated head and paws that can be posed to cast all sorts of spells. Their decorative star and all seeing eye are painted shimmery silver.

Piddy Paw comes with an early starter pack of Familiars and Foes (formerly Ballyhoo).  It includes 7x playing cards, 1x 20 sided die, 1x custom printed Ballyhoo coin, 6x score markers, a magic pouch, and a information on how to play the board game.

Familiars and Foes is a cooperative style game where you must work with your fellow Familiars to figure out how to defeat the horde of evil Foes. It is intended for 1-5 players, and recommended for ages 10 and up.
Toy Produced by:  Squibbles Ink
Game Design and Illustration:  Horrible Adorables, Brandon B, and L.R. Felice