The Familiar - Figgitch

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Figgitch was trained in the skills of ourdoor survival by Terra, the Earth Pixie. He can be a little rough-and-tumble, but knows how to take care of himself and ensure the safety of his companions in almost any circumstance. Figgitch likes to collect things - A LOT of things. Anytime he comes across a new seed, leaf, or shiny object while out in the field, he tosses it in his pouch for further examination. His toad, Bailiwick, has his work cut out for him as the curator of Figgitch's extensive collection. It's Bailiwick's job to tag, organize, and file each specimen received and recall them for Figgitch whenever needed. Of course mistakes are sometimes made, like the time Bailiwick handed over some stink berries when Figgitch requested pink berries to munch on. That mix up resulted in a rather unpleasent afternoon for both of them.

Figgitch is a soft vinyl toy in our Sparkly Earth Colorway. He measures 5" tall and has an articulated head and paws that can be posed to cast all sorts of spells. His decorative star and all seeing eye are painted shimmery silver.

Figgitch comes with an early starter pack of Familiars and Foes (formerly Ballyhoo).  It includes 7x playing cards, 1x 20 sided die, 1x custom printed Ballyhoo coin, 6x score markers, a magic pouch, and a information on how to play the board game.

Familiars and Foes is a cooperative style game where you must work with your fellow Familiars to figure out how to defeat the horde of evil Foes. It is intended for 1-5 players, and recommended for ages 10 and up.
Toy Produced by:  Squibbles Ink
Game Design and Illustration:  Horrible Adorables, Brandon B, and L.R. Felice